Help - Reviews and references

Reviews and references

To leave a review for another user, you will need to go to your inbox. If you have exchanged messages with the user, you will see a star icon in the conversation, which you can click to leave a review. When you click on the review-button, you will be redirected to the review page, where you can leave a review. You may also choose to write a review anonymously.

If you leave a review first, we will let the other user know that you have left one. During the first 14 days, the other user will not see it until he or she leaves a review for you (so don’t hesitate to be completely honest!).

The other user gets 14 days to leave a review in return. We will post both reviews once the other user leaves a review or after 14 days.

To edit your existing review of a user, simply go back to your inbox and click on the review-button. This will take you back to the review page, allowing you to edit all aspects of the review, including the rating and the written text. You cannot delete a review for another user, only edit it.

If you want to immediately view other users' reviews about you, you will need to write a review for them as well. If you haven’t and don’t want to write a review of the other user, you will be able to read all reviews on your profile after 14 days, (by clicking the ‘view profile’ button on the profile edit page).

You cannot delete or hide reviews that others have written for you. You can ask the user to edit their review of you or leave a comment by clicking the comment-button on the review from your profile page. If you feel a review is inaccurate or inappropriate, please contact customer service. We will evaluate your request and take appropriate action.

You can invite your references, such as friends, family, or previous employers, to write you a personal reference via the reference page.

These references will appear publicly on your Babysits profile to help other members get to know you.

Do you know a Babysits babysitter that you would like to recommend, but haven’t worked with them via Babysits?

You can still write a reference for their profile!

To write the reference, the babysitter will have to send you a reference request. Once they’ve done so, you can write and post the reference by filling out the required information. Please note: when you give a reference you will be provided with a free account so you have control to edit or delete your reference details whenever you wish.

You always have the option to ignore references, so that they are not made visible on your profile. You can ignore references via the reference page, by clicking on the ignore button next to the reference. Even if you accept a reference to be shown on your profile, you can always choose to ignore it later.

Reviews are ratings left by users after having performed childcare via Babysits. They are based on the experience these users had working together.

References are recommendations left by references that the babysitter or family knows from outside Babysits (i.e. former employers, teachers, friends, family members).

Babysits can automatically leave positive or negative reviews, as 1-star, or 5-star ratings. As a result, we increase the reliability and transparency within our community. Only babysitters booked through Babysits bookings can receive automatic reviews from Babysits.

Automatic positive feedback: We give positive feedback about the babysitter when the booking is complete and the parent has not written a review within 4 days. In case the parent disagrees with the automatic review or wants to add more information, the parent can edit the automatic review.

Automatic negative feedback: Via the booking page, the parent can indicate that the babysitter didn’t show up for the babysitting appointment. If the parent has not confirmed a rating for the babysitter 4 days after clicking this button, the babysitter will automatically receive a negative review from Babysits. In case the parent disagrees with the automatic review or wants to add more information, the parent can edit the automatic review.

Received automatic negative feedback? We cannot delete or edit automatically collected reviews. Instead, you can explain the situation to the parent and ask them to edit and explain their review.

You can also respond to reviews (both automatic and manual) to share your side of the story.